Alvvays atop a birthday cake


Last week „Teenbeat Club Concerts“ celebrated its eight year existance and the birthday serenade was sung by a band that fits perfectly into the Indie Pop event series: Alvvays from Canada.
The self-titled debut album of the Toronto based quintet was released last year and brought us a solid mixture of dreamy Jangle Pop and College Rock, refined with the sweet and catchy lines of singer Molly Rankin. The nine tracks on the LP revolve around the usual mid-twenties uncertanties and bonding worries, though manageable with a mellow mood. So if crush boy Archie hesitates, might drown in the river during a trip in the woods or run off to the party police, why not just thinking about matrimony for some warranties?
No wonder that well-bred Indie folks all over neat places like Toronto, Portland or Stockholm agree to Alvvays’ themes and tunes as they did when watching mumblecore movies like Frances Ha. And in Vienna we do so too, maybe with a slightly more sloppy appearance, inside sticky Gürtel locations like B72, with overhead railways and, very unique, cigarette smoke in the air, as singer Molly noted during a song break.
People of Vienna indeed showed interest as the concert went sold-out and the crowd would have probably also filled up the Flex. Lack of space was excused by a well attuned and tight performing band, a well balanced sound and an intimate ambience. At the latest when the chords of the band’s express-wedding-anthem started, the audience got infected and self-appointed Archies couldn’t help surfing the crowd.(for further impression watch our video below) Along with other hits like „Next of Kin“ and „Adult Diversion“ there was also a cover of the Deerhunter B-side „Nosebleed“ on the setlist.
All in all , Alvvays were a nice-looking, sweet-sounding topping on the night’s birthday cake. As for myself I unfortunately didn’t get a piece of the real cake and had to grab a ‘Gürtelesque’ Leberkässemmel instead.

Text: Thomas Hoisl
Video: Miguel Figuerola, Javi Figuerola, Svetlomir Slavchev