Talk with Philip Prugger (Baguette)


They are called Baguette and beside that fact that they will soon release an audio-cassette for Numavi Records, they are going to play on 08th of November at our club night in Rhiz, Vienna. The band duo comes from Graz, the city where magic happens, and they make a fresh, catchy and noisy lo-fi rock! We had a small talk with Philip Prugger (vocals/guitar), one of the two members of the band.

-So lets start with some introductions…
My name is Philip and I play in Baguette together with my friend Manuel. This band is basically about two people who love to turn it up and make music together. We started playing in another band in early 2002. Though the band split up in 2006 we kept on spending time in our rehearsal room doing jamsessions, and all kinds of stuff. In 2013 we decided to form a band again.

-Is there some hidden meaning behind the name of the band?
No, there isn’t. And personally, I think it’s the worst bandname, but it shows very well how less we cared about a name. I don’t know, sometimes I wish we would have a better one.

-On 14th of November you will be releasing the tape “sexysexy123″, by my opinion a great record! What’s the story behind the vibe of this cassette?
It was a quick shot. We recorded the whole thing in two nights, and didn’t spend a lot of time producing or making overdubs. Alltough our sound engineer Ferdinand Fuhrmann did a very nice job defining the right sound for the record. The three of us are friends for over ten years now and played in bands together so „studiotime“ with an old buddy felt very familiar and unforced.

-Actually the name “sexysexy123” sounds like some internet password, but what does it mean exactly?
Me and a friend spoke about spam mails and their funny subject-titles for example „enlarge your Penis NOW! or „sexysexy123“. And somehow I couldn’t stop thinking about this name, so it became the title of the EP.

-You are living in Graz at the moment, aren’t you? How is the music scene there?
Yeah, we both live in Graz for a very long time now. Personally I think the scene here in Graz is a small one but a good on. There are good bands and motivated people around here like the folks of numavi records.

-Last question…future plans of the band?
We have some things in the pipeline for next year. We are planing our first Full–lenght release, concerts, tour and video releases. The usual band stuff, but we are looking forward to do it and hopefully we are getting some things done next year!













Baguette will play live in club Rhiz, Vienna at the Pavlov’s Dogs club night on 8th of November and on 14th of November at Forum Stadtpark, Graz.
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