Baits live at The Fisch Fest 2014


The Fisch Fest is a really cool thing.
For those of you who don’t know it, Das Bach gives space every night for a couple of weeks to different labels / show promoters in town to showcase and curate bands they like, or want to promote.

We came to see Baits, under the umbrella of Your Girlfriends, together with Mob Fixing Freedom and Choke On Me, in what was one of the more “Punk Rock” nights of the pack.

However Baits bend genre definition. Sure enough, they sound like punk rock at times, however, they bring to the mix elements of stoner rock, noise, and pop.

It was their second show ever, as the band is young and comprised of members of other local bands (the defunct Ellis, and rockers Carousals, who will be presenting their first LP sometime soon).

Baits make an interesting mixture of raw, “in your face” music, with catchy song structures and vocal melodies.
They are planning on recording an EP in early 2015.
The future looks bright for them.