CanelaParty: The festival where the bands come to see the people!

With no other intention than letting you all know about one of the most bizarre/amazing/special events we have ever witnessed, we interviewed one of the organizers and co-founder of the Canelaparty festival Álvaro Fernández Maldonado, which takes place in august in Málaga (Spain) since 2007.

PD: Good morning Álvaro, and thanks in advance for taking time to answer our questions. Canelaparty festival is still a hidden treasure in an ocean full of summer festivals. What makes Canelaparty so special?

A: What makes CanelaParty so special is that you have to live it yourself to know that it definitely is. It’s really complicated to explain what happens during the party, but you can get an idea if you see some videos, for example last year’s photos

It’s not just another alternative music festival, we’d rather say that it is a huge costume party in which everybody (bands and audience) come disguised. The topic is absolutely free. The level of the costumes has increased so much year after year that we can say that CanelaParty is the only festival in which not only the people come to see the bands, but rather also the bands come to see the people. It’s awesome to see everybody laughing and connecting just because they want to congratulate each other because of the crazy self-made fancy dress, dancing in a terribly funny way during a great concert or taking photos together in our Photocall. The best costumes aspire to win one of our prizes. Desinhibition makes fun under a never ending confetti rain.

We’ve also opened the festival to families and children with a kids and pets costume party the the day before the madness. Also with concerts, photocall, prizes… Our lovely MiniCanela

PD: We know how hard it is to bring bands to play in Spain, specially if we consider that Málaga is about 500 km south of Madrid. How do you convince them to come to Málaga?

A: Booking shows in Málaga is definitely not as easy as doing it in Madrid or Barcelona, but we are not the first courageous that made it happen. Some of our friends and other people in the city had already started to bring different bands to Málaga and the city began to sound in the international circuit. Apart from CanelaParty, we also book shows the hole year and we just do it with the most sincere humility and DIY style. We are a bunch of friends that love music and bring bands we admire and we treat them as if they were our families. We’ve also created a cultural collective and we pay a small fee every month so we can see our budget grow. This is the only way to keep on bringing interesting purposes with no fear to go broke. The Spanish scene already knows that we are good guys that enjoy this and they are always happy to come to Málaga with us. And it’s also happening with the international bands. The world is not so big.

You can see lots of pictures of this shows at Beto’s flickr, our photographer and CanelaParty co-founder:

Booking bands for CanelaParty is much easier. We only have to send the festival’s dossier and some videos or pictures to the management or the bands and they immediately show interest. Dan Deacon, for example, flew exclusively to play at CanelaParty 2012 although he had a tight schedule and his management had his dates closed. In his own words: “When I received your message, I felt that I had to play here, and so did I”.

PD: Could you please recommend us some bands, national or international, that played in Canelaparty in past editions? Which bands are you looking forward to seeing this year?

A: This is a difficult question because every band that have played in CanelaParty seem interesting to us. We have dreamt with Dan Deacon playing for us since the beginning of the festival and we finally achieve it last year. The party was so crazy that I have to recognize that I was even scared. Bringing Delorean to Canelapary 2009 in their best moment was also a huge step for us. But I might say that one of the most special moments was the show that our friends Nueva Vulcano brought us in 2010. We love them.

I’m dying to see METZ this year and feel really excited to see LAS RUINAS live (I’ve never seen any of these bands play). But I would say that I’m looking forward to see all of the bands.

PD: We would like to know some funny anecdote or story that happened in the festival!

A: Our festival is every year full of funny stories, but not all of them come to light (maybe for the sake of humanity). I remember that in 2009 two friends decided to sleep in their car beside the festival venue. They were so happily drunk that they forgot to take off their women dress. Some hours later they woke up surrounded by a street market. Everybody was staring at them as they were changing their clothes.

Another friend had to walk through one of the most crowded streets of the city center disguised as Maya the Bee because we had left his clothes in somebody’s car.

PD: To finish the interview, we would like to thank you for your interest from so far away. This is our fist international interview.

A: Hugs and confetti from sunny Málaga.

Canelaparty 2013 is happening between 8-10 of August!
CanelaParty Official Website and facebook

Photos by Alberto Pérez Fontecha