Cheveu, Das Fieber, Redhead Army @ v99, Vienna

Cheveu + Das Fiber + Redhead Army
15 March 2014
Venster 99
Presented by Eternal Lazer

Extremely interesting (and well attended) evening at Venster 99, with 3 very different acts, all very unique, as is tradition in events organized by the guys from Eternal Lazer. One could argue that all of them were not merely concerts, but also, in different levels, pieces of performance art.

Das Fieber, Vienna based, are comprised of 6 musicians, including Bernhard Kern (head of siluh records) all relevant to the Vienna cultural scene, rotating instruments, and providing a clash of musical references through their own filter.
The performance was, at least partly, improvised, with one foot on noise rock, and another on psychedelia.

Later on the stage, the french Cheveu, throw a number of different influences and styles together with an almost playful approach, and perform them live with a visceral passion. Sometimes they remind of a less-electronic-more-rocky Dan Deacon, with a wider sonic palette.

Redhead Army (a one man army) offered a vocal performance over his mp3 player tracks, a “karaoke show” of sorts, that John Maus has made famous in recent times, in a raw hardcore version. By releasing the pressure and weight from the musical interpretation, the performance focuses mainly on the interaction of performer and audience, making the spectator a physical part of the show (check out the live video of Redhead Army, which we shot few weeks ago here).

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Text: Miguel Figuerola
Pictures: Svetlomir Slavchev