Donaufestival 2016

This years’ instalment of Donaufestival in Krems, being the last curated by Tomas Zierhofer-Kin, featured an array of big acts acts like Mogwai, DJ Koze, Pantha du Prince and Tim Hecker as well as some new projects by well-known artists. At Pavlov’s Dogs this year, we decided to bring you two special treats from Thursday, 5th of May that fall into the second named category.

‚Good Sad Happy Bad‘ was the title of the newest Micachu & the Shapes album, published last fall. This spring, Mica Levi and her complies decided to re-name the band to the same name for the time being. Speaking of Good Sad Happy Bad’s performance on Donaufestival, while retaining the vibe that has been making up Micachu’s music, her specific style of singing, we witnessed a ‚grunge-rock’ type of set that was a bit straighter than the usual quirkier arrangements of this band.

Babyfather, a new rap project by Dean Blunt (Hype Williams) performed at Stadthalle in a rather foggy setting. While beats were minimalistic, repetitive and at times really noise-laden, the musicians here actually challenged a response from the audience, be it dancing or just intellectual liveliness through the performance’s setting with representations of British patriotism being put up for discussion. Dark, atmospheric and haunting both musically and visually, Blunt’s gig was certainly a highlight.
Watch Babyfather’s footage below.

Text: Maurizio Massaro