Features: Hella Comet album release show @ Chelsea, Vienna

The music of Hella Comet is delightfully complex and multifaceted, inviting and soothing at times, a multi-layered wall of sound the next minute. But that complexity flows smoothly in the hands of expert musicians, and nothing is more exciting to see live.
Some magazines might be calling them “shoegaze” or “post-rock”, and though the stylistic guidelines are all there, these guys escape and bend the limits of the genre categorization.
With the year coming to an end, here at Pavlov’s Dogs we are absolutely sure “Wild Honey” by Hella Comet, is one of the best Austrian releases of the year. However, these guys add an extra layer of emotion to their live show, and that is something you should not be missing. Go see them, and be amazed, because the comet is taking off.

Pictures & Video: Svetlomir Slavchev, Maximilian pramatarov, Miguel Figuerola
Text: Miguel Figuerola