Guests From Out Of Space: The Space Lady in Vienna

The Space Lady
The Space Lady @ Rhiz, Vienna

On one Christmas, in the late 70s, Susan Dietrich Schneider decides to go and sing on the streets until the evening falls. By the end of the day, she manages to make good amount money, exactly enough for her to buy the new portable Casio keyboard. Soon after, she begins to play her own interpretations of famous songs in subways and parks. Her alter ego -The Space Lady- is about to land, the only thing still missing is the crazy winged helmet with a blinking red pink pong ball on the top.
In September 2014, her spaceship finally reaches Vienna.
Before her on the stage, Ana Threat is playing a very eccentric lo-fi/punky set with a guitar and theremin. She just does the perfect opening show on this cloudy day, cloudy enough to hide all the tracks in the sky.

Ana ThreatAna Threat @ Rhiz, Vienna



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Text/Pictures/Videos: Svetlomir Slavchev