“Looking Back in 2013″ Pavlov’s Dogs Review

It has been a busy year 2013 for the Vienna music scene. A lot of good music was produced, and a lot of amazing bands visited us.
Pavlov´s dogs was born this year, and we had the privilege of witnessing all this activity. We have many good moments in our heads, but we would like to share with you what we think were the most special ones.
We divided this article in the following categories: best local albums and EPs/7″, best live performances (local and international) and local bands to look out for in 2014. We would also love to hear your input via facebook comments or email.
Hereby, we would like to thank all our readers and visitors, and hope for a 2014 of good music.

Albums (Local):
Dot Dash – Dot Dash (Totally Wired Records)
Robotra – Tinker (Numavi Records)
Sex Jams – Trouble, Honey (Siluh Records /Noise Appeal Records)
Hella Comet – Wild Honey(Noise Appeal Records)
Sleep Sleep – Gospel (Noise Appeal Records)
Crystal Soda Cream – Escape From Vienna (Totally Wired Records)

(*to hear the release, click on the image)

EP’s / 7″ (Local)
Judy, you’re not yourself tonight – Horror Gaze
Mile Me Deaf – Brando (Siluh Records)
Sleep Sleep – cvrs ep (Noise Appeal Records)
Snoww Crystal – One Sided / Nothing Is Real (The Vinyl Heart Club Records)
Gran – Brain Freeze (Totally Wired Records)
Aivery – Aivery EP

(*to hear the release, click on the image)

Honorable Mention:
RSHMTH – RSHMTH (self-released cassette)
Tirana – Talea(Fettkakao)
Ana Threat – Dropout Dumpling (Totally Wired Records )
Bruch – The Freaks (Totally Wired Records )

Bands to look out for in 2014 (local):
Snoww Crystal

Favorite international albums:
Grouper – The Man who Died in his Own Boat
Thee Oh Sees – Floating Coffin
Chelsea Wolfe – Pain Is Beauty
Forest Swords – Engravings
Nick Cave and The Bed Seeds – Push The Sky Away
Yo la Tengo – Fade

Favorite concerts
Local band:
Sex Jams @ Popfestival, Vienna (July, 2013)

Internatinal band:
Thee Oh Sees @ Chelsea (Presented by Teenbeat Club)

We also organized two very successful club nights in Vienna:
17th of May @ Fanialive:
Sleep Sleep (special ambient set + pvlv visual set)
Fs Massaker (Free Jazz/Impro set)
Delta Punk Dj’s

28th of September @ Rhiz:
Leeloo. (debut)
The Twentieth Century (Lukas Lauermann solo)
Pvlv & Maxipanic djs

And filmed more than 20 different artists performing in Vienna!

Pavlov’s Dogs Crew!