Looking Back in 2014

So 2014 is over and first we wanna say thank you to all friends, bands, bookers, partners and people we worked together with and who follow our side. We can say that our project has definitely evolved over the past twelve months, with things like our live Attic sessions, or the memorable Pavlov’s Dogs nights at Rhiz, to name just a few. For music freaks like us it is also somehow tradition to once again look back on all the musically highlights of the year and set up kind of a resume. To make this more diverse, we decided to ask five different artists from Vienna to tell us about their personal picks of favorite 2014 albums, concerts and their outlook for the upcoming year.


Kathi (Sex Jams)

Without doubt, the Sex Jams are among the very big names of Austrian Independent music. 2014 was definitely a highlight year for Sex Jams, not least because of their extensive and successful US-Tour in October. Singer Kathi was so kind to tell us about her personal musical highlights of 2014.
Read Kathi’s list here

Christoph (The Noise Tigers)

Christoph is part of the Austrian shoegaze/dream pop band The Noise Tigers, which in March 2014 released their debut EP ¨Waking Up¨, followed by the online release ¨Another Town/In Your Eyes¨ for the Greek label Sonic Playground.
Read Christoph’s list here
the noise tigers

Sleep Sleep

After the success of his ¨CVRS¨ and ¨Gospel¨ releases, Sleep Sleep aka Pieter Gabriel, published few remarkable videos and started an ambient project, together with the cellist Lukas Lauermann, called The Twentieth Century. In the following 2015 he is going to release the second part of his cover version EP ¨CVRS¨, which we are looking forward to hear.
Read Sleep Sleep’s list here
sleep sleep

Eric Arn (Primordial Undermind)

The american guitarist Eric Arn has been taking an important part in the Viennese underground scene, not only by organizing events, but also by playing in different significant projects such as Primordial Undermind, Soft Power Ensemble of Vienna and others.
Read Eric’s list here


Tommy Moonshine

Tommy Moonshine is one of the promising local 2014 newcomers. After a few bedroom recordings and gigs in living rooms, gay bars or at the Donaukanaltreiben, he was lately chosen to support Mile Me Deaf at their show at rhiz.
Read Tommy Moonshine’s list here