ATTIC SESSIONS 007: Thirsty Eyes

Thirsty Eyes sound timeless, they are a young band, but their songs smell of classics, sex, whiskey and cigarette smoke.
Tanzcafé Jenseits is a place that also would fit that description very well, so the combination of the two makes for a memorable document.

You can experience their mesmerizing live energy on the 2nd of July together with garage rockers Baits.

Donaufestival 2016

This years’ instalment of Donaufestival in Krems, being the last curated by Tomas Zierhofer-Kin, featured an array of big acts acts like Mogwai, DJ Koze, Pantha du Prince and Tim Hecker as well as some new projects by well-known artists. At Pavlov’s Dogs this year, we decided to bring you two special treats from Thursday, 5th of May that fall into the second named category.

‚Good Sad Happy Bad‘ was the title of the newest Micachu & the Shapes album, published last fall. This spring, Mica Levi and her complies decided to re-name the band to the same name for the time being. Speaking of Good Sad Happy Bad’s performance on Donaufestival, while retaining the vibe that has been making up Micachu’s music, her specific style of singing, we witnessed a ‚grunge-rock’ type of set that was a bit straighter than the usual quirkier arrangements of this band.

Babyfather, a new rap project by Dean Blunt (Hype Williams) performed at Stadthalle in a rather foggy setting. While beats were minimalistic, repetitive and at times really noise-laden, the musicians here actually challenged a response from the audience, be it dancing or just intellectual liveliness through the performance’s setting with representations of British patriotism being put up for discussion. Dark, atmospheric and haunting both musically and visually, Blunt’s gig was certainly a highlight.
Watch Babyfather’s footage below.

Text: Maurizio Massaro

Attic Sessions 006 by Sluff

Only few days after the release of the Sluff‘s debut EP (via Numavi Records), we present you now the Attic Sessions with the band.
Talk Down
Live audio recording, mixing, mastering by Mario Zangl

Murena Murena – Shame Over LP

Blues-infused, hectic and eclectic, Munich based band Murena Murena triggers memories of your last exorcism. Their newly released Album ‚Shame Over’ should work for those who happen to like as different sounding artists as Nick Cave (‚Le Van’s Wife‘), Classic Rock ’n’ Roll (‚Tu Tu’) and maybe even Liars since other pieces like ‚War Drugs’ even get darker and noisy, while ‚Lovely Homes’ again retains a certain rootedness in ballad making.

Watch Pavlov’s Dogs’ footage recorded at club Rhiz in Vienna on 31.03.16 below.

Text: Maurizio Massaro
Video: Svetlomir Slavchev

Red Bull Music Academy with Fennesz and Lubomyr Melnyk

Lubomyr Melnyk and Fennesz, two incredibly talented and different artists, played last Sunday at the ORF Radio Kulturhaus as part of the Red Bull Music Academy 2016. It was bliss.

The evening started with the well-known Viennese artist Fennesz. 2001 saw his breakthrough with the record Endless Summer, followed by many collaborations, LPs and live gigs around the world.
His set is mostly improvised, with only a few samples prepared before the show, making his performance even more exciting for the audience.

His main tools: a laptop, distortion pedals and an electric guitar. With these few tools he performs like a painter, creating beautiful and dense ambient soundscapes. The listeners where surrounded by melodic loops, glitchy noises and warm basses.
 During the concert, these ethereal moments where often disrupted by dissonant chords from his guitar. Sadly, this happened too often, destroying the mood he had previously created. A less loud guitar would have been more appropriate. Nevertheless, seeing Fennesz live is like enjoying a glass of good wine or tea or whatever warms your soul.

If you missed him, check out this great live recording from last year.

The next artist was something of a surprise, as she wasn´t officially announced. Only a brief note on Facebook mentioned her as a supporting act for Lubomyr Melnyk. The Latvian musician Maija Licite a.k.a. Mionia played the piano and sang, accompanied by reduced electronic sounds from her laptop. She describes her music as artistic pop with heartbreaking ballads. An enjoyable little concert.

After Mionia, an old bearded man entered the stage his name Lubomyr Melnyk. Lubomyr is a Ukrainian composer and pianist known for being the world’s fastest pianist and inventor of continuous music, his own interpretation of piano playing. Although he has been active since the late 70´s, he was discovered only recently after his release on Erased Tapes in 2012, home of artists such as Nils Frahm and Ólafur Arnalds.

This evening, he played a four-piece concert. In between his pieces, he spoke of his ideas on music, love and even Agent Cooper from Twin Peaks, which was really funny. Mionia joined him for a short ballad during the second part of his concert. His last piece was an epic 20 Minutes long piano composition called Windmills about an old mill battling the forces of nature,filling the hall with a cascade of beautifull arpeggios. Definitely the highlight of his concert. An unforgettable performance for lovers of classical and even non-classical music. 

I also highly recommend the following short film about him that was filmed in Vienna:

Text and photos:
Claudiu Lampersberger
More photos at:

wolkenvorhang 016

Only one month after the last Wolkenvorhang event with concerts by theclosing & Zavoloka, Alexander Hegl (of theclosing) organized another event at the Rhiz club.
The event lasted two days, including many different artists such as theclosing, Parkwächter Harlekin, Squalloscope, Ceschi, Andy the doorbum and Cavanaugh, and featuring a broad range of genres from hip hop to electronic and even a bit of folk.

The first night was opened by the music and art group theclosing, consisting of Daniela Auer and Alexander Hegl, who mesmerized their audience with slow motion ambient, found sounds and manipulated live vocals, giving the impression of a wolf howling in distant mountains. While their live set was mostly bathed in darkness, their music created a foggy atmosphere. One hour later, the set ended with a hammering drum machine sound, waking the audience from their trance-like state.

Alex, who was happy to be joined by so many people, introduced the following artist.
The Vienna-based solo artist Parkwächter Harlekin, who has already released two records under the problembär label, has his own version of, let’s call it hip hop with an experimental touch. His performance was accompanied by strong beats and deep lyrics in German, which he rapped quickly, requiring attention from the audience. Check out his great music video “In der Stadt”.

Text and Pictures: Claudiu Lampersberger
More photos at our flickr page

Review: Zavoloka + theclosing live

Last Wednesday, the salon skug w/ wolkenvorhang event took place at the Rhiz, featuring artists such as the Vienna-based musicians theclosing and the Ukrainian artist Zavoloka, as well as DJ support from Inou Ki Endo and Parkwächter Harlekin.

The music and art group theclosing played an improvised live set which contained new material that can be imagined as a slowly evolving carpet of sounds including self-made samples, found sounds, and field recordings. While the beginning was more ambient-oriented, they later added broken beats and even vocals to their set, which gave their music a strong Boards of Canada vibe. A great opener for the next artist, Zavoloka.
If you missed the show, you can watch a recorded live set on their homepage:

The dreamlike set from theclosing was followed by Zavoloka, which means “deep fog” as well as “maverick” in Ukrainian. Plavyna, her full-length debut from 2005, was honoured at the Ars Electronica and she was even invited by Aphex Twin to support his live show. Her set at Rhiz offered a wide range of different styles ranging from beautiful evolving melodies to harsh beats and shattering bass, reminiscent of her last record Volya inspired by the Ukrainian winter revolution. Her set was accompanied by sun-like visuals in bright red and orange colours, giving the whole performance a slight apocalyptic feeling or maybe a new beginning?
At the end, the audience was very pleased and Zavoloka even played an encore, leaving everyone with a smile. A strongly recommended act!

The complete album can be seen here

text+pictures: Claudiu Lampersberger

Gallery: Lower Dens live in Vienna

Lower Dens The American indie band Lower Dens played a show in Arena, Vienna. We were there and managed to make some pictures of the band’s leader Jana Hunter.

Review: The Soft Moon live at Arena Vienna

The Soft Moon _©_ picture by Svetlomir Slavchev

Club Arena in Vienna hosted the two day festival WYRD last week. The american post-punk/darkwave band The Soft Moon, lead by Luis Vasquez, was one of the headliners and we managed to record the song “Zeros” (from their second full-length album “Zeros”) live. Among the other names in the line up were bands like Destruction Unit, Lust For Youth, DJ Phase Fatale, Destruction Unit, Primordial Undermind and more…

DJ Phase Fatale _©_ picture by Svetlomir Slavchev

More pictures here:

Video: Svetlomir Slavchev / Milena Castagna

Review: Sex Jams – Catch!

Artwork by Burnbjoern

Artwork by Burnbjoern

5 years have passed since ‘Post Teenage Shine‘, Sex Jams first album dropped. ‚Catch!‘, their powerful third and upcoming album comes with more of everything: more pop, more noise, more punk, more hook lines.

Whatever their comparatively relaxed second album ‘Trouble, honey’ at some points lacked in drive, ‚Catch!‘ not only makes up for, but also sounds catchy yet undeniably punk at heart. Their new home, Münster/Germany-based label This Charming Man Records, just as Sex Jams themselves, deeply rooted in DIY-Punk-circles and known for some of Europe’s best records of the last years also releasing this album seems like a perfect match.

And we have variation on this record: In sing-along hymns ’Sweet Advice’ ‚Goldie Root‘ and ‘WD Kharma’, Sex Jams get more pop than ever before. ‘Zehn Schilling’ in a way is a typical Sex Jams song, but lyrically more explicitly political than ever, describing current (and/or everlasting) ‘Austrian circumstances‘. ‚The Code‘ with its repetitive walls of guitar contains heritage of my dearly beloved Killed by 9V Batteries, then take ‘Drunk Tank‘, which is a rather straight blues track – and therefore kind of atypical for this band – to me echoes 80’s bands like Crime & the City Solution or contemporary post-punk poster boys Iceage.

Sex Jams ‚Catch!‘ is released on October 16th through This Charming Man Records.

Text: Maurizio Massaro