Pavlov’s Dogs Podcast #4 by voodoo jürgens

For everyone who missed the premiere of the newest podcast yesterday on Radio Campus Wien, Voodoo Jürgens made for us this wonderful lo-fi and folk selection. Enjoy it!!!

voodoo jürgens:
“this is a hully gully collection of my favorite folk, lofi and country songs. Mostly live recordings rehearsals or just crappy records, but powerful and sweet songs. Also you can hear 2 of my band projects in the playlist, one is a cover version from the band heef (originally from my main project die eternias) and the other one is from my country band called K.U.N.T.Z. enjoy it !”

Pavlov’s Dogs TV: Maria Minerva

Pavlov’s Dogs TV: Maria Minerva live @ Vienna, 2013
presented by Minouche Music & czirp czirp

Maria Minerva playing an unreleased track at club Das Bach in Vienna.

Pavlov’s Dogs TV: Train Of Thoughts

Timo Novotny, Wolfgang Frisch & Markus Kienzl presenting an audiovisual show in the MAKNITE!

Trains of Thoughts is an audio-visual essay, which reflects upon and compares metro-systems around the world. It is an exploration of a world inside the world as well as the feelings — fascination, obsession, fear, and themes — of survival, control and silence — that revolve it.

Music: Sofa Surfers – “Trains of Thoughts”

Pavlov’s Dogs TV: Scout Niblett live @ club Chelsea, Vienna

Pavlov’s Dogs at Primavera Sound 2013, Barcelona

Here it is a very short video, which we filmed at the Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona:

Pavlov’s Dogs Podcast#3 by Mohamed El Amin

You can listen to our new podcast, it is made by our friend and big music lover Mohamed El Amin!!!!

“Nippon is my greatest obsession for a large portion of my life. I’ve had several lucid dreams of walking around Tokyo and Kyoto, and these songs capture that experience perfectly for me” Mohamed El Amin

Pavlov’s Dogs TV: Dan Deacon, Vienna 2013

Pavlov’s Dogs Podcast#2

1. Oh, Lord, Saint George, Bewitch Ivan, Make Him Mine By A Hawk And A Hacksaw
2. Morning Light By Sleep Sleep
3. Wonderful World By Nine Horses
4. Sister By Alan Vega, Alex Chilton, Ben Vaughn
5. Dead Mantra By Dead Skeletons
6. Nuclear War (Version 2) By Yo La Tengo
7. Help Mr. Rabbit I Can’t Get Out By Tren Brothers
8. American Wheeze By 16 Horsepower
9. Minotaur By Thee Oh Sees
10. How To see Through Fog By The Drones
11. I’ll Be Gone By Merchandise

Pavlov’s Dogs second podcast is already here!! One hour of good quality music, including tracks from Sleep Sleep, who is going to release his debut album this autumn for Noise Appeal Records and the psychedelic/blues band from Vienna K.U.N.T.Z. They both are performing live at the Pavlov’s Dogs Launch Party on 18th of May in club AU, Vienna.

Also in the Pavlov’s Dogs Podcast#2:
A Hawk and a Hacksaw, the current project by Jeremy Barnes (known previously as the drummer of Neutral Milk Hotel in the 90’s) and the violinist Heather Trost, who have been touring and playing a new live soundtrack to Sergei Parajanov’s movie “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors”. The soundtrack is now released, and you can hear the track “Oh, Lord, Saint George, Bewitch Ivan, Make Him Mine” as a opening of the second Pavlov’s Dogs podcast. Nine Horses, a great collaboration between the singer David Sylvian, drummer Steve Jansen, and electronic composer Burnt Friedman, with a track from their album “Snow Borne Sorrow” (2005). Followed by another interesting track by Alan Vega (from the highly influential duo Suicide), Alex Chilton and Ben Vaughn called “Sister” from the album “Cubist Blues” (1996). The psychedelic musical/art project Dead Skeletons from Iceland with the song “Dead Mantra”. The american indie rock band Yo La Tengo, covering the jazz composer Sun Ra’s Nuclear War. Two great bands from Australia: The Drones, who just released a new album called “I see seaweed” and The Tren Brothers, a project of the guitarist Mick Turner and the magnificent drummer Jim White (both part of the band Dirty Three). 16 Horsepower and the track “American Wheeze”, from the last album before their break-up: “Olden” (2003). And two new tracks by the cult San Francisco rock band Thee Oh Sees and the post-punk american trio Merchandise, and a track from their last album “Totale Nite” called “I’ll be gone”.


pavlov’s dogs podcast #1

1. Milionenspiel By Can
2. The Equestrian Vortex By Broadcast
3. Light moves away By Arto lindsay
4. Pop HD By Atom TM
5. Rupt By Seefeel
6. The Mystery of Heaven (Long Version) By Jozef van Wissem & Jim Jarmusch
7. Untitled Love Song By The Angels of light
8. Souvlaki space station By Slowdive
9. Strange By Galaxie 500
10. Baby’s wearing blue Jeans By Mac Demarco
11. Bennington By John maus
12. Tracks (Tall Bodies) By Chelsea Wolfe