Attic Sessions 005 by Didi Kern / Philipp Quehenberger

Viennese keyboard shaman Philipp Quehenberger and Didi Kern (who plays in Bulbul, Fuckhead and other countless projects) teamed up once again for a Pavlov’s Dogs Attic session. Watch these two kings of improvisation in this video:

Music: Didi Kern / Philipp Quehenberger
Camera: Svetlomir Slavchev / Alois Plattne
Edit: Svetlomir Slavchev
Text: Maurizio Massaro

The Liberation Service “Calamity Physics” LP + Live Dates


The new album from The Liberation Service is out on 1st of September, 2015. The Graz indie band paid big attention to the sound of their LP: they chose a barn as a recording studio to bring a more unique touch and reflect their scenic energy.

The group also announced a tour with the following dates:

Calamity Physics – Release Tour
2.9. Freiburg (D) – KTS
3.9. Rohrschach (CH) – Treppenhaus
4.9. Vigevano (I) – Cooperativa
5.9. Comune Di Morrovalle (I) – Drunk In Public
7.9. Athen (GR) – S.I.X. Dogs
8.9. Larissa (GR) – Mosh Pit
9.9. Thessaloniki (GR) – Rover
10.9. Belgrad (SRB) – Index Film
11.9. Ljubljana (SLO) – tbc
12.9. Zagreb (HR) – tbc
13.9. Wien (A) – dasBACH
14.9. Graz (A) – Sub
1.11. Berlin (D) – Cassiopeia (w/ Muncie Girls)

For more information and news, you can follow their facebook page.

Seayou / Problembär Singles

In the past couple of months, the indie label Seayou Records and its sub label Problembär Records published a couple of music videos from upcoming or already released records. Watch the videos below and follow the artists’ pages for more information and forthcoming events.

Schmieds Puls – You Can Go Now

Mynth – Friends
Stream EP: album/mynth-polar-night

Fijuka – Cold Brat

Kidcat Lo-fi – Hate Summer
Stream EP:

Coming Soon: Pop Fest 2015


The sixth edition of the Viennese Pop Fest will be held between 23rd and 26th of July, 2015. The event takes place at Karlsplatz with couple of open air and indoor music stages.The programme this year features more than 50 Austrian music bands and artists, selected by the two curators: Stefan Trischler and Susanne Kirchmayr.
Mile Me Deaf, Bruch, Fennesz, Hella Comet, Clara Luzia, Ventil, Lonesome Hot Dudes are among the names in the line up. The full festival program can be found here:

Poem Review: Mile Me Deaf Tomorrows Tulips

Our friend Christoph (The Noise Tigers) wrote a small review-poem for the concerts of Mile Me Deaf and Tomorrows Tulips in Szene, Vienna.

“Thin raindrops slowly trickling onto cigarette buds,
the suburban bar, the neon lights, the broken dreams.
There is no stamp for you, your ticket only valid once,
inside, the noise of music’s chatter rises.

Tomorrows tulips, what a sound,
a drummer with no face, a hazy gaze.
The audience forgets to clap,
too busy flattering each other.

Wolfgang Möstl changes size on stage,
like Alice behind the mirrors, shapeshifting in white shirts.
Small guitars, big guitars, red guitars.
The cheers, the eery bits, the future trips.

Dudes with hoodies, girls with buns.
Stickers in the toilet.
A night to remember for a while,
oh, what a joy, to get miled deaf again.”

The full photo album can be found here:

Pictures: Svetlomir Slavchev

Video Premiere: The Noise Tigers “Bricks”

Following their 2014 electronic shoegaze EP ‘Waking Up’, ‘Don’t Go Outside’ is a brand new release from The Noise Tigers. The four track record is a step in a new direction for the Vienna-based duo, leaving behind the washed-out distortion of their previous release and applying a more electronic and heavily arpeggiated sound influenced by artists like New Order, The Pet Shop Boys and Crystal Castles, while still incorporating the band’s signature style.
‘Don’t Go Outside’ is now available as a free download on
We are proud to premiere their new video for the song ‘Bricks':

Video Premiere: Cyrill M live

Few weeks after the release of their second EP, the viennese Band Cyrill M. has now published a live extract from one of their recent shows. The band was formed in 2014 and consist of Manuel Cyrill, Ilkhan S. Erdogan and Utku Yücel. Their music style varies between electronic/chillwave mixed with ambient sounds and live instruments.
For more updates and information about gigs, you can follow their facebook page.

Donaufestival 2015 Video Review

From 24th of April, during two weekends, Krems will be the artistic centre of gravity in Austria.
With the ambition to destroy “the rigid systems in our heads and hearts”, donaufestival gathers artists of all backgrounds and provides us with a stream of performances – theatre, performative innovations, interactive art, installations, music.
Pavlov’s Dogs will be media partner of Donaufestival and provide you video footage from some of the performances.

DAY 1: Ben Frost
On the opening night of this year’s Donaufestival, Ben Frost delivered an earth-shattering, intense performance full of meandering, bass-heavy textures and pulses. This marks the start of our series covering different musical performances happening in Krems, with one live excerpt per festival day.

DAY 2: Battles
After staying off the stage for a while, New York math rockers Battles​ had an energetic comeback performance on Saturday at donaufestival​. In the footage below viewers should get an impression of a jumpy, progressive yet melodic concert.

DAY 3: Xylouris White
Xylouris White, consisting of Giorgos Xylouris on lute and Jim White (Dirty Three) on drums, opened on Sunday evening, right before Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Drawing from Post-Rock influences and bringing them back into an acoustic context with nods to Folk and Jazz, their performance has to be regarded as one of the insider gems on Donaufestival 2015.

DAY 4: Alva Noto
The german artist Alva Noto​ presented his audio-visual performance UNIVRS yesterday at donaufestival​ 2015. The visualisation of the sound through analogue and digital processes was part of this esthetic show.

DAY 5: Scott Matthew
The Australian singer-songwriter Scott Matthew returned for a third time at the Donaufestival. The concert was his second last show from the European tour where he presented his new album This Here Defeat.

DAY 6: Shrack / Ventil
The recently formed Austrian music label Ventil Records presented live the collaboration between Shrack and Ventil, at the last day of the Donaufestival. The live appearance provided an electronic/experimental set moving around the self-disintegrating icon of the occident. Additionally, video artist Conny Zenk provided a perfect backdrop with her live visuals.

(Updates will be published here in the next days)

Attic Sessions 004 by Like Elephants

We are very proud to present you the new ‘Attic Sessions’, this time with Like Elephants. The five piece indie band will release their first EP for Noise Appeal Records on 8th of May, and also play a release show in Vienna on 13th of May (link).
We visited Like Elephants in their hometown Griesskirchen and recorded four songs. They transported us from the cold gymnasium to a moving car on the road to summer holidays. Put on your sunglasses and watch the links below…

1. Child Of Love
2. The Golden Sea
3. Festival Sun
4. Daydream

Review: Salon skug with Martial Canterel (US) | Superskin (AT)

Salon skug’s march edition at club rhiz, Vienna allowed us to experience diverse performances by two „premium“ electronic artists:

With a concept comprising mellow yet psychedelic synth lines, slow dubby basslines and a dark, atmospheric sound that could also be described as mysterious and loungy, Viennese act SUPERSKIN (Andreas Klotz) opened the night with a set of few, but quite extensive tracks. He has releases out on labels BABA VANGA, SAMA and FEATHERED COYOTE (forthcoming split tape with Bear Bones, Lay Low) that I hereby recommend.

A master of analog synthesis and sequencing, Sean McBride aka MARTIAL CANTEREL then started off behind two full cases of Eurorack modules, rat’s nests of wires. Synth Wave with an outstanding sensibility for songwriting also makes for most of the material of another well-known project with him involved, XENO & OAKLANDER. MARTIAL CANTEREL follows similar, but sometimes even more minimalistic paths.
In a live context, his music became even more danceable with his raspy voice drowned in echoes contrasting both the stomping beats and the repetitive melodic sequences that – at least to me – create the appeal of this type of music. While the sound was better at a distance from the stage than right in front, people were dancing all over the almost full rhiz.

Text: Maurizio Massaro
Video: Svetlomir Slavchev / Milena Georgieva