Gallery: Be Forest / Kometa live

Be Forest (support act Kometa )
live in club Celeste, Vienna.

We did couple of pictures during the concert of the italian shoegaze/dreampop band Be Forest in club Celeste, Vienna. The support act was the indie/post rock band Kometa, who managed to open the night in the right way.

Be Forest



Review: KLUB MOOZAK #74

LE_MOL/BOORII/KOKO @ fluc, 25.03.15

Opening KLUB MOOZAK at fluc, Vienna record label MOOZAK’s 74th label night, KOKO presented an eclectic and very beat driven electronic post-rock. Contrasting these mentioned, trip-hop-esque beats as the pieces’ backbone with full-on orchestral assault, they evidentially know how to condense sounds to the apex of a piece with great ability and at least three band members contributing vocals.

As an improvising duo featuring members of NEONSTREAM, BOORII played an loud and intense set of ambient drone soundscapes like they were taken from the outro of SONIC YOUTH’s „New York City Ghosts and Flowers“, just without the „song“ counterweight. Lots of effect pedals meant lots of layered sounds with all frequencies covered that challenged the attending people – in my opinion – in the best possible way.


With several guest musicians joining the duo for different pieces on guitar, saxophone, bass and cello, LE_MOL then followed with a diverse set of instrumental post-rock, presenting their new album „Kara Oh Kee“. Well-arranged, loopy and melodic, i felt reminded of MOGWAI and other post-rock greats, except that those bands would usually need more than 2 or 3 people on stage to obtain such a wide variety of timbres. Also, LE_MOL are situated on the more experimental side of the post-rock spectrum regarding song structures that not only aim at having linear epic progressions. Speaking of the performance, they (and all the other bands as well) showed their craftsmanship on guitars, electronics and drums and delivered a good representation of the recordings.

le_mol live

For a Wednesday, the venue was quite packed as supposedly many people were keen on listening to the bands and specifically LE_MOLs new material: le_mol – „Kara Oh Kee“ (self-released), officially out on 10th of April, 2015.

le_mol live

Text: Maurizio Massaro
Pictures: Svetlomir Slavchev

Donaufestival, Krems 2015

From 24th of April, during two weekends, Krems will be the artistic centre of gravity in Austria.
With the ambition to destroy “the rigid systems in our heads and hearts”, donaufestival gathers artists of all backgrounds and provides us with a stream of performances – theatre, performative innovations, interactive art, installations, music.
Among the confirmed names for the 11th edition of the festival are artists like: Ben Frost, Autechre, Battles, Clark, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, James Holden, Grouper, Alva Noto, Xylouris White and many more. The full festival program can be found here:

Pavlov’s Dogs will be media partner of donaufestival and provide you video footage from some of the performances.

Pavlov’s Dogs Second Birthday Festival 2015


Not a newborn anymore, not wise yet, we would like to celebrate our second birthday with you!
With the same ingredients for a smash – Club Rhiz, promising music projects.

Pavlov’s Dogs Web Magazine presents:

Wealth (Ventil Records)
Clemens Denk (Totally Wired Records)
The Holy Spirit of Nothing

DJs: Misty Hazel & Clemens Frühauf

Free entrance!
Rhiz Vienna (U-Bahnbogen 37-38,, Lerchenfelder Gürtel, 1080 Vienna)

Wealth was formed in 2013 by Ursula Winterauer, Michael Lahner and Manuel Riegler. They build up oneiric, bedded music with drums, bass, synths and vocals.
Their debut album will be released in October 2015.

The Holy Spirit of Nothing is a six-piece-neo-psychedelic-band consisting of three guitars, bass, synthesizer, drums, various instruments and two voices.

The Viennese artist Clemens Denk, from Totally Wired records, will be performing a solo set. His recognizable prose made him break through the Austrian music scene.

Facebook event:

Alvvays atop a birthday cake


Last week „Teenbeat Club Concerts“ celebrated its eight year existance and the birthday serenade was sung by a band that fits perfectly into the Indie Pop event series: Alvvays from Canada.
The self-titled debut album of the Toronto based quintet was released last year and brought us a solid mixture of dreamy Jangle Pop and College Rock, refined with the sweet and catchy lines of singer Molly Rankin. The nine tracks on the LP revolve around the usual mid-twenties uncertanties and bonding worries, though manageable with a mellow mood. So if crush boy Archie hesitates, might drown in the river during a trip in the woods or run off to the party police, why not just thinking about matrimony for some warranties?
No wonder that well-bred Indie folks all over neat places like Toronto, Portland or Stockholm agree to Alvvays’ themes and tunes as they did when watching mumblecore movies like Frances Ha. And in Vienna we do so too, maybe with a slightly more sloppy appearance, inside sticky Gürtel locations like B72, with overhead railways and, very unique, cigarette smoke in the air, as singer Molly noted during a song break.
People of Vienna indeed showed interest as the concert went sold-out and the crowd would have probably also filled up the Flex. Lack of space was excused by a well attuned and tight performing band, a well balanced sound and an intimate ambience. At the latest when the chords of the band’s express-wedding-anthem started, the audience got infected and self-appointed Archies couldn’t help surfing the crowd.(for further impression watch our video below) Along with other hits like „Next of Kin“ and „Adult Diversion“ there was also a cover of the Deerhunter B-side „Nosebleed“ on the setlist.
All in all , Alvvays were a nice-looking, sweet-sounding topping on the night’s birthday cake. As for myself I unfortunately didn’t get a piece of the real cake and had to grab a ‘Gürtelesque’ Leberkässemmel instead.

Text: Thomas Hoisl
Video: Miguel Figuerola, Javi Figuerola, Svetlomir Slavchev

Gallery: Pere Ubu live at Szene, Vienna

Pictures: Svetlomir Slavchev

The Maybe Men – The Transit Operator EP (review)

The Maybe Men
The Vienna based Space-Lofi-Indie-Rock Project THE MAYBE MEN just released excerpts of a improvised performance at Cafe Stadtbahn in late December as „The Transit Operator EP“ which is available now from their bandcamp for name-your-price or free if you like so.

It’s quite a ride, yet should suit the needs of all those who’d enjoy krauty, jammy types of session recordings. Also a Soccer table is supposedly featured as an instrument on this record.

One thing we especialy liked about it, is that it’s a recording of a lot of air – the concept of the notes not being played being as important as the ones that were played, if that makes any sense…” says one of the members of the band, Gregor Tischberger. “Songs, improv, playing where and whenever with or without preparation, [this is the]spirit in the band right now, which keeps the whole thing fresh. None of the stuff on the EP was rehearsed, the only things prepared were Markus reading and my lyrics for the xmas with the ice people song and the bass riff that i had written a few days before.”

THE MAYBE MEN features KREISKY bassist Gregor Tischberger, as well as members of DESTROYED BUT NOT DEFEATED, M185 and Stephen Mathewson, an Indie songwriter/saxophone player.

To those new to this band i recommend their 2012 tape „The body has no chance“ which is certainly one the more interesting song-based records coming out of Vienna of the last few years.

Text: Maurizio Massaro

Looking Back in 2014

So 2014 is over and first we wanna say thank you to all friends, bands, bookers, partners and people we worked together with and who follow our side. We can say that our project has definitely evolved over the past twelve months, with things like our live Attic sessions, or the memorable Pavlov’s Dogs nights at Rhiz, to name just a few. For music freaks like us it is also somehow tradition to once again look back on all the musically highlights of the year and set up kind of a resume. To make this more diverse, we decided to ask five different artists from Vienna to tell us about their personal picks of favorite 2014 albums, concerts and their outlook for the upcoming year.


Kathi (Sex Jams)

Without doubt, the Sex Jams are among the very big names of Austrian Independent music. 2014 was definitely a highlight year for Sex Jams, not least because of their extensive and successful US-Tour in October. Singer Kathi was so kind to tell us about her personal musical highlights of 2014.
Read Kathi’s list here

Christoph (The Noise Tigers)

Christoph is part of the Austrian shoegaze/dream pop band The Noise Tigers, which in March 2014 released their debut EP ¨Waking Up¨, followed by the online release ¨Another Town/In Your Eyes¨ for the Greek label Sonic Playground.
Read Christoph’s list here
the noise tigers

Sleep Sleep

After the success of his ¨CVRS¨ and ¨Gospel¨ releases, Sleep Sleep aka Pieter Gabriel, published few remarkable videos and started an ambient project, together with the cellist Lukas Lauermann, called The Twentieth Century. In the following 2015 he is going to release the second part of his cover version EP ¨CVRS¨, which we are looking forward to hear.
Read Sleep Sleep’s list here
sleep sleep

Eric Arn (Primordial Undermind)

The american guitarist Eric Arn has been taking an important part in the Viennese underground scene, not only by organizing events, but also by playing in different significant projects such as Primordial Undermind, Soft Power Ensemble of Vienna and others.
Read Eric’s list here


Tommy Moonshine

Tommy Moonshine is one of the promising local 2014 newcomers. After a few bedroom recordings and gigs in living rooms, gay bars or at the Donaukanaltreiben, he was lately chosen to support Mile Me Deaf at their show at rhiz.
Read Tommy Moonshine’s list here

Looking Back in 2014: Tommy Moonshine

Top 5 releases of 2014 (click the covers for a sample) :

ALLAH LAS – Worship The Sun
Music made by 60s music freaks/sympathic surfer guys – this second album by Allah Las is just catchy as hell.

PARQUET COURTS – Sunbathing Animal
To me this is perfection of guitar-driven music.

Beautiful album; Sean Nicholas brings back the charm of the golden age of shopping center live music.

HOMESHAKE – In The Shower
The sober term „Lo Fi“ is probably used by people who don’t see the deep elegance and funky coziness in this.

I definitely have a weakness for lousy and self pitying country anthems performed with a Hazlewood-ish voice.

Top 5 concerts 2014:

Brian Jonestown Massacre – Sala Apolo, Barcelona
Opening evening of Primavera Sound Festival; heavy rain and an endless queue as every year. Got rewarded with a gorgeous sound and a setlist that left nothing to be desired.

The Growlers – Primavera Sound, Barcelona
Don’t wanna make a list of Primavera shows only, but The Growlers gig was so much fun I have to put it here. And it seems that they also had good times in Barca, at least until singer Brooks dived into the Black Lips crowd following night, breaking his foot.. Favourites of mine!

Morrissey – Konzerthaus, Wien
Had some pretty damned posh seats for this one, special thanks to my roomie Mr.M. on this point! Plus I was able to use telepathy with the other Mr.M, asking him to play Suedehead for the first time in a decade.

Juan Wauters – Monarch, Berlin
A weird late summer evening in Berlin. Charming Juan and his two asian back-up girls, the videographer-guy who lost his shoes between Brighton and Amsterdam, 9mm bar stool crash..- next day I woke up feeling like sleeping

Vague – Tüwi, Wien
When I stumbled into the Tüwi-bar on that evening in Janaury, I hardly knew anything about the band, a friend of a friend thing. I felt it was a nice ambience and a really fresh sound for Vienna. Meanwhile the boys having a good run, releases, upcoming Euro-Tour, etc. and also became good buddies of mine.

Things I look forward to in 2015:

Humm, actually I’m more the nostalgic guy or tend to have rather apocalyptic outlooks for the upcoming year, like gory hacker wars or terroristic Apps. I can say that at the moment I’m looking forward to the Alex Calder LP in January, for the rest I will stick to a guy named H.L. Mencken who once said “We are here and it is now. Further than that, all human knowledge is moonshine.

¨Looking Back in 2014¨

Looking Back in 2014: Kathi (Sex Jams)

Top 5 releases of 2014 (click the covers for a sample) :

ANGEL OLSEN – Burn Your Fire For No Witness

Unfucktheworld. I fell in love and I can´t write about it. I am still paralyzed.

JA, PANIK – Libertatia

One of my favorite lyrical acrobats. “Alles Leer” is still rotating.

KAREN O. – Crush Songs

This is simply a masterpiece of fine Karen O. art.
ps: Indian Summer, she covered Indian Summer!

MILE ME DEAF – Holography

I heard the first mixes in our shitty bus coming out of our shitty boxes. I immediately fell in love with everything that came out, especially ¨Macrosleep¨.

HALFTONES – Halftones is my band

I met them in Belgrade during our tour. Susie is crazy with her voice. I like that a lot. Great band and great LP! Highly recommended!

Top 5 concerts 2014:

Girlsrockcamp Abschlusskonzert – Hollabrunn
I had the pleasure to join the girlsrockcamp this year and it was magical. The girls kicked every ass in the room. Don’t miss this next year!

Ed Schrader’s music beat – Austria/USA
I saw them 6 times this year and I couldn’t miss any second of their performance. Floor-tom, bass and a very remarkable voice. The vibe they spread is just hilarious. “I cant stop eating sugar” and I cant stop listening to Ed Schrader….

Good Cop – Fluc, Vienna
So fresh so tasty. I didn’t pock it.

J.C Satan - BACH, Vienna
Very powerful concert at das Bach, Vienna. I went crazy couldn’t hold my legs and arms. Sorry, for hitting U maybe.

Ruby Fray – Birmingham Alabama, New Orleans US
During our tour in the US. we met a shitload of great artists. This was one of my favorite ones. She has a astonishing beautiful voice and the music to it is simply fantastic. Miss Beanblossom also makes good soap!

Things I look forward to in 2015:
Lime Crush
Wet Nurse

¨Looking Back in 2014¨