Night Beats live @ Arena, Vienna

It’s almost sixty years ago, since american soul legend Sam Cooke was shot dead, leaving behind a mysterious case involving a itchy trigger fingered motelier, a long-fingered prostitute and 5000 missing dollars. Besides his musical legacy in general, you can find the singer again and again in every day life: Wether it’s some cheesy commercial jingle you refer to Louis Armstrong, a topless namesake you stick to at Kronen Zeitung’s page 3, or during the discovery of a descent rock and roll band from Seattle, who’s bandname is an hommage to Cooke’s 1963 bluesy soul-classic „Night Beat“.
To sophisticated pitchfork consumers like you, „Night Beats“ may evoke associations with trippy Texas and Austin’s lively present psychedelic/garage scene. Indeed the band is a resident at the great annual Austin Psych Fest, which they played four times in a row. The spirit of Texas’ hallucinatory past and icons like 13th Floor Elevators or The Red Krayola seems to have its revival anyway. While two of the Night Beats were born in Texas, they finally founded in Seattle, when bass player Tarek completed the trio. Maybe it’s Seattles background who gave those guys their final touch of loudness and hendrix’esque lead-noise. So the bands sound came right on time and with their debut released in 2011 they went on the road and seem to didn’t stop since then. After touring in South Africa and playing Israel their bus got stopped in Vienna for the second time after 2012, hosted again by Reich and Föhn. They did everything right on that evening, played an energetic show with all the components mentioned above and got the most out of Arena’s Dreiraum, which was well attended. Also the rest of the night had it all: the 250 pound acid-head hardcore fan, who’s trip kicked in just 5 minutes after the show ended (turning in a superb authentic gorilla mode), a proper after-show with „Al Lover“, spinning some literally ambient „Night Beats“ at the Beisl and a „2 for One Erdogan-welcoming special offer” at the Döner Box on the way home….what a wonderful world…

For further impression watch the video below.
(the story about an ominous evening on tour in a bar called „Jake’s on fourth“ leaves also questions to us, but to put it in a nutshell i think it means „The Growlers have some heavy mescaline“)

Interview & Text: Thomas Hoisl
Camera: Daniel Hutter