Pavlov’s Dogs Festival 2014

Pavlov’s Dogs Festival
club Rhiz, Vienna
Start: 21:00
Live: Crystal Mathematics, Bruch+Anna Pü, John Silver, Ellis
Djs: Pvlv & Maxipanic, Clemens Frühauf

Pavlov´s Dogs turned one year old, and we would like to celebrate with you!
We got our baby teeth covering, interviewing, filming and organizing events and musicians, either local, or passing through town.
In return, we built an amazing network of friends and collaborators of different music styles, with a shared passion for music.

At this party on 8th of March (the 3rd organized by Pavlov´s Dogs), we present you musicians from bands, projects and labels relevant in the Vienna independent music scene, who are performing under a different name, collaborating with other musicians, or starting new projects.

In other editions we saw very special acts, like the debut concert from Leeloo. (featuring Kathi from Sex Jams), Sleep Sleep playing an ambient set, FS Massaker, K.U.N.T.Z, Lukas Lauermann and more). We hope you like the line-up we have prepared for you this time, and hope to see you celebrating with us!

For many years like this.
Love, Pavlov´s Dogs

Crystal Mathematics (live)
Before turning into today’s relaxed dream pop band, Mile Me Deaf wasn’t relaxed or dreamy at all. Mile me deaf was about rough and infernal loud noise-rock, played by Wolfgang Möstl and Florian Giesauf. Over two years they played numerous clubs and art galleries in central Europe and released some singles and a critical acclaimed full length album till their disbandment in 2010.
After they played two shows together again in 2013 they decided to start a new band, and teamed up with Killed By 9V Batteries’ unique bass player Mario Zangl.
The band is now called „Crystal Mathematics“ and they will do what they do best: Louden it up!

Bruch + Anna Pü (live)
Bruch is the solo project of Philipp Hanich (of Dot Dash, and co-founder of Totally Wired records). But along the way he surrounded himself with skillful collaborators from the Viennese scene for the live incarnation of the project, such as Jonas Geise (Dazed Pilots) and Sebastian Ploier (of Crystal Soda Cream). For this concert they perform a full show together for the first time with Anna Pü (also a co-founder of Totally Wired records).
Bruch and Anna Pü also gave birth to one of our favorite tracks of the last year, “The Pretender”.

John Silver (live)
John Silver is currently a member of the bands Radian and Snoww Crystal, with whom he opened for My Bloody Valentine as they passed through Austria. He also works as a DJ and a soundman in club Rhiz, Vienna, where he collaborated in creating the great sound for bands you have most likely seen there.
For this special occasion, and as a Pavlov´s dogs exclusive, he will be performing his first solo set, using different instruments, to create atmospheric textures and layers.

Ellis (live)
Ellis are four gentlemen from several parts of the continent that landed in Vienna, and play rock music with a strong guitar presence. They might remind you of bands like Yo la tengo, Pavement, or Built to Spill at times, with their own twist. They formed in late 2013 and after a few months of writing, will debute at Pavlov’s Dogs party in Rhiz on the 8th of March!

Pvlv & Maxipanic (dj set)
post punk/new wave/disco/no wave

Clemens Frühauf (dj set)