Pavlov’s Dogs podcast #9 by Stoyan Stoitsev

Pavlov’s Dogs podcast #9 is made by our good friend and vinyl lover Stoyan Stoitsev.
Here are some words form him about the selection:

“Out of 18 tracks, 15 explore different types of love problems, 2 simply have no lyrics and 1 is in Spanish so I don’t know what they sing in it but it’s surely not about conference calls. After spending more than a week wondering how to arrange them all, they ended up in an almost random order and I like it. This gives the whole thing a not so monotonous feeling so sometimes (I hope) you’ll get the feeling to dance, sometimes to cry a bit (I urge you to do that on tracks 8 and 9). Expect some soul, funk, rhythm and blues, boogaloo and disco from the 50s to 1979 (not later). Ah disco, you have to know that it was really hard for me not to turn this into a disco diva sing-a-thon. Next time I’ll do. To top things off, the last track is an interplanetary banger from the 1967 Sanremo finalists, cheesy as hell.
I also promise to clean my records better, to buy a good record player and to start going earlier to bed. ”
Stoyan Stoitsev