Pictures+Review: Carousals(AT) live @ v99, Vienna

Vienna´s own Carousals have been busy the last year, writing a good repertoire of songs, and, as I heard from them, they will be entering the studio in spring to record their first release.

They are an interesting mix (They describe themselves in concert posters with the label “metapunk”) : Behind the noise layers, there is a pop song conception, and a good feel for hooks and melody. Their background is punk rock, no doubt about it, but they put a twist to it, and you can hear hints of Nirvana, stoner rock, indie rock and other similar genres. If they had a time machine, they´d probably be playing in the west coast of the USA in the mid nineties by now.

Special props to Guitarist Maurizio, who adds a lot of texture and depth to the more straightforward and direct sound of the rest of the band, and singer and guitarist Sonja, who has a powerful voice and the charisma it takes to front a band.

Keep an eye on them, I´m sure 2014 will be a good year for Carousals, and as proof, i still have the hooks and choruses ringing in my head from last night. That has to be good, right?

If you missed them, you still have a chance to see them before the year is over in Vienna´s own Rhiz, on the 19th of december!

Text: Miguel Figuerola
Photos: Javi Figuerola