Review: Die Nerven @ Rhiz, Vienna

Die Nerven
support: Aivery
Venue: Rhiz
Sun, 16 Feb 2014
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Ink music und Reich & Föhn

While guitar is lightning, bass is thunder. The way these three people play makes it look like it’s almost no effort at all to make quite heavy indie rock with guitar leads phasing in and out, screamed riot-grrl style vocals and steady midtempo beats. AIVERY’s music, proven once again on Sunday, is one of the best iterations to a 90’s, grungy indie rock sound that has come out of Vienna for years.
(Be sure to watch the live video done by Pavlov’s Dogs of Aivery playing at B72 in January, 2014)

The highly acclaimed DIE NERVEN from Stuttgart, Germany played Vienna for the second time, announcing again how much they like it here in “Europe’s noise capital” (J. Knoth). By playing a raw yet solid set, they defended their reputation as being the first – and to date, only – German language band with a seven-inch release on AMPHETAMINE REPTILE records. And playing noisy, abrasive post-punk with alienated and claustrophobic lyrics, they fit there quite well. While ‘Ich erwarte nichts mehr’ (off their – very good – brand new, second album ‘FUN’) is a brutal piece of dual bass no-wave assault, ‘Angst’ might as well have been written by the (also highly recommended) German depressive punk heroes EA80. Also the atmospheric, calmer waters they steered into in some songs, mostly drenched in wintry reverb, get their room; they even extended ‘Hörst du mir zu?’ to a six- or seven-minute krautrock jam. What one is sure to get out of a DIE NERVEN gig: They bring their points across with such a passion that is dearly missed these days, not only by the noise rock experts (for whom the concert has seemingly been like a nerd conference), but in a context that is even bigger, which could explain the attention and hype this band is getting: Well deserved and earned through dedication. And it keeps going on: The German label Fin du Monde Records is apparently going to re-release the band’s 2012 DIY-album ‘Asoziale Medien’ (which is one of the author’s favorites) on vinyl later this year.

Text: Maurizio Massaro
Photos: Svetlomir Slavchev