Review: NOISE FEST#2 w/ Robotra + Aivery + I’m a Sloth @ B72

The Noise Fest was a very entertaining evening.
Robotra and Aivery were presenting their brand new cover cassettes (Aivery play The Ramones, and Robotra play Bowie). Additionally, I´m a Sloth supported.

While not 100% similar to each other, the three bands fit together in the bill pretty well. All of them have a love for simpler, direct, noisy music, with outstanding melodies beneath, and while each band has their own thing going, the mix was well balanced.

It is obvious that the Vienesse underground is in very good shape, and this event was proof of that. 3 young bands which are doing great things, together.

Aivery – Berlin

Robotra – Morninglight 1&2

Videos and pics: Svetlomir Slavchev/Javi Figuerola