Review: Salon skug with Martial Canterel (US) | Superskin (AT)

Salon skug’s march edition at club rhiz, Vienna allowed us to experience diverse performances by two „premium“ electronic artists:

With a concept comprising mellow yet psychedelic synth lines, slow dubby basslines and a dark, atmospheric sound that could also be described as mysterious and loungy, Viennese act SUPERSKIN (Andreas Klotz) opened the night with a set of few, but quite extensive tracks. He has releases out on labels BABA VANGA, SAMA and FEATHERED COYOTE (forthcoming split tape with Bear Bones, Lay Low) that I hereby recommend.

A master of analog synthesis and sequencing, Sean McBride aka MARTIAL CANTEREL then started off behind two full cases of Eurorack modules, rat’s nests of wires. Synth Wave with an outstanding sensibility for songwriting also makes for most of the material of another well-known project with him involved, XENO & OAKLANDER. MARTIAL CANTEREL follows similar, but sometimes even more minimalistic paths.
In a live context, his music became even more danceable with his raspy voice drowned in echoes contrasting both the stomping beats and the repetitive melodic sequences that – at least to me – create the appeal of this type of music. While the sound was better at a distance from the stage than right in front, people were dancing all over the almost full rhiz.

Text: Maurizio Massaro
Video: Svetlomir Slavchev / Milena Georgieva