Review: Sex Jams – Catch!

Artwork by Burnbjoern

Artwork by Burnbjoern

5 years have passed since ‘Post Teenage Shine‘, Sex Jams first album dropped. ‚Catch!‘, their powerful third and upcoming album comes with more of everything: more pop, more noise, more punk, more hook lines.

Whatever their comparatively relaxed second album ‘Trouble, honey’ at some points lacked in drive, ‚Catch!‘ not only makes up for, but also sounds catchy yet undeniably punk at heart. Their new home, Münster/Germany-based label This Charming Man Records, just as Sex Jams themselves, deeply rooted in DIY-Punk-circles and known for some of Europe’s best records of the last years also releasing this album seems like a perfect match.

And we have variation on this record: In sing-along hymns ’Sweet Advice’ ‚Goldie Root‘ and ‘WD Kharma’, Sex Jams get more pop than ever before. ‘Zehn Schilling’ in a way is a typical Sex Jams song, but lyrically more explicitly political than ever, describing current (and/or everlasting) ‘Austrian circumstances‘. ‚The Code‘ with its repetitive walls of guitar contains heritage of my dearly beloved Killed by 9V Batteries, then take ‘Drunk Tank‘, which is a rather straight blues track – and therefore kind of atypical for this band – to me echoes 80’s bands like Crime & the City Solution or contemporary post-punk poster boys Iceage.

Sex Jams ‚Catch!‘ is released on October 16th through This Charming Man Records.

Text: Maurizio Massaro