Review: Zavoloka + theclosing live

Last Wednesday, the salon skug w/ wolkenvorhang event took place at the Rhiz, featuring artists such as the Vienna-based musicians theclosing and the Ukrainian artist Zavoloka, as well as DJ support from Inou Ki Endo and Parkwächter Harlekin.

The music and art group theclosing played an improvised live set which contained new material that can be imagined as a slowly evolving carpet of sounds including self-made samples, found sounds, and field recordings. While the beginning was more ambient-oriented, they later added broken beats and even vocals to their set, which gave their music a strong Boards of Canada vibe. A great opener for the next artist, Zavoloka.
If you missed the show, you can watch a recorded live set on their homepage:

The dreamlike set from theclosing was followed by Zavoloka, which means “deep fog” as well as “maverick” in Ukrainian. Plavyna, her full-length debut from 2005, was honoured at the Ars Electronica and she was even invited by Aphex Twin to support his live show. Her set at Rhiz offered a wide range of different styles ranging from beautiful evolving melodies to harsh beats and shattering bass, reminiscent of her last record Volya inspired by the Ukrainian winter revolution. Her set was accompanied by sun-like visuals in bright red and orange colours, giving the whole performance a slight apocalyptic feeling or maybe a new beginning?
At the end, the audience was very pleased and Zavoloka even played an encore, leaving everyone with a smile. A strongly recommended act!

The complete album can be seen here

text+pictures: Claudiu Lampersberger