Review+Videos: Sex Jams @ Popfest 2013, Vienna

Sex Jams
Popfest Wien (Brut)

The evening looked promising, a perfect summer night, hot, and full of rock and roll in the context of the stylistically diverse Popfest. Brut was full of people (the show started at 3 am, after some delay, so you can assume everyone had drunk 1 or 2 beers too many by then). That ended up playing in the bands´ favor at a later point.

The setlist was mainly comprised of songs off their latest album “Trouble honey”(Siluh/Noise appeal), and lasted for about 50 minutes, an ideal lenght to keep intensity.
Kathi is one hell of a frontwoman, she feeds the crowd with energy, and has them eating from the palm of her hand. Sex Jams are a band meant to be heard live, and it is obviously what they do best. Vienna audiences can be a bit quiet and cold sometimes, but last night was an exception. It was hot (In and out of Brut, to be honest) and people were jumping around and flying in the air.

A couple of highlights were the single “Shark vs apple” and “I call myself a rocket”, that sound stronger and fuller than in their album versions.

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As Kathi shouted “Destroy!, destroy!” at the end of “Deicer” and people were flying around the room, feet up in the air, and Mr. Wolfgang Möstl gave us a crash course on guitar acrobatics, I noticed how much the “Jams” had grown in the last year, deservedly becoming one of the most talked about bands in the Austrian underground music scene.

The Sex Jams don´t try to reinvent the wheel, you can clearly hear their influences: 90´s bands like Pavement, Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr, and others, to which they are often compared, but they don´t take comfort in nostalgia, and add a extra twist. You can see they are constantly evolving to find their own sound, and they are on the right path.

They are one of these bands that make you feel like you are watching a balancing act: they keep you in awe as you see things get wild onstage, people fly around, and you feel at some point the show might turn into a trainwreck, but it never does! the band manages to sound TIGHT, despite the wild stage antics and the craziness around.

I have seen them several times, and though they never disappoint, it was definitely their best show so far. They have been touring a lot during spring in and out of Austria (Germany, eastern Europe…) and at this point they are a well-oiled machine. The stage is their home, and they have come to stay. Don´t miss them!

Text: Miguel Figuerola
Video: Svetlomir Slavchev, Javi Figuerola, Olivia Lange
Editing: Svetlomir Slavchev
Thanks to: Popfestival, Brutt, Sex Jams and everyone involved!