The Maybe Men – The Transit Operator EP (review)

The Maybe Men
The Vienna based Space-Lofi-Indie-Rock Project THE MAYBE MEN just released excerpts of a improvised performance at Cafe Stadtbahn in late December as „The Transit Operator EP“ which is available now from their bandcamp for name-your-price or free if you like so.

It’s quite a ride, yet should suit the needs of all those who’d enjoy krauty, jammy types of session recordings. Also a Soccer table is supposedly featured as an instrument on this record.

One thing we especialy liked about it, is that it’s a recording of a lot of air – the concept of the notes not being played being as important as the ones that were played, if that makes any sense…” says one of the members of the band, Gregor Tischberger. “Songs, improv, playing where and whenever with or without preparation, [this is the]spirit in the band right now, which keeps the whole thing fresh. None of the stuff on the EP was rehearsed, the only things prepared were Markus reading and my lyrics for the xmas with the ice people song and the bass riff that i had written a few days before.”

THE MAYBE MEN features KREISKY bassist Gregor Tischberger, as well as members of DESTROYED BUT NOT DEFEATED, M185 and Stephen Mathewson, an Indie songwriter/saxophone player.

To those new to this band i recommend their 2012 tape „The body has no chance“ which is certainly one the more interesting song-based records coming out of Vienna of the last few years.

Text: Maurizio Massaro