Totally Dot Dash!

Dot Dash Dot Dash – Dot Dash (Totally Wired Records, 2013)

It has been quite a long time, since I bought a record and played it more than 5-6 times just on the first day. I heard the online release from Dot Dash 2-3 weeks ago for the first time and then I was totally fascinated by the atmosphere, which this album is creating to me! It is a release, which  I wanted to hear right at that moment and listen to it, non stop.

This is the second album from the Vienna based post punk/no wave band Dot Dash and it is released (as the first one) for one of the most impressive (in my opinion) record labels at the moment in Austria, called Totally Wired. Actually three of the members are also some of the people who run the label and they also have their own very interesting solo releases, such as: Gran, Bruch and Kate Kristal & The Alps. I discovered the band not so long time ago, that’s why I don’t know their first album (shame on me), but I feel like fixing this mistake as soon as possible.

As I said, this is their second album and again the album has no name. “It’s not that we prefer self titled albums, it just came out like that. I myself like self-titled, because I don’t want to manipulate the listeners’ expectation by shrinking the bunch of songs into one statement…” says Kate Kristal (vocals and guitar), “most of the album was recorded in a small shack in Croatia. I enjoyed the isolated atmosphere, one week just the four of us with a mess of equipment in the middle of nowhere.“.

In general I like a lot of no wave or disco punk artists, also all this New York/UK post punk scene and so on, but recently there was not so many new releases which impressed me on this field. I was a bit stuck and listening to the old stuff like A Certain Ratio, ESG or James Chance and that’s why I was so happy when I heard the album from Dot Dash. It is hard for me to choose a favourite track, maybe “Voodoo”, “XY”, “Care” or the closing track “Silence”, which is actually the most noisy and energetic track from the album. It is an epic end for this record! I strongly recommend this album, so go and give some supports to these guys!

Dot Dash @ Bandcamp
Text: Svetlomir Slavchev
Photo: Dominik Danner (c)