wolkenvorhang 016

Only one month after the last Wolkenvorhang event with concerts by theclosing & Zavoloka, Alexander Hegl (of theclosing) organized another event at the Rhiz club.
The event lasted two days, including many different artists such as theclosing, Parkwächter Harlekin, Squalloscope, Ceschi, Andy the doorbum and Cavanaugh, and featuring a broad range of genres from hip hop to electronic and even a bit of folk.

The first night was opened by the music and art group theclosing, consisting of Daniela Auer and Alexander Hegl, who mesmerized their audience with slow motion ambient, found sounds and manipulated live vocals, giving the impression of a wolf howling in distant mountains. While their live set was mostly bathed in darkness, their music created a foggy atmosphere. One hour later, the set ended with a hammering drum machine sound, waking the audience from their trance-like state.

Alex, who was happy to be joined by so many people, introduced the following artist.
The Vienna-based solo artist Parkwächter Harlekin, who has already released two records under the problembär label, has his own version of, let’s call it hip hop with an experimental touch. His performance was accompanied by strong beats and deep lyrics in German, which he rapped quickly, requiring attention from the audience. Check out his great music video “In der Stadt”.

Text and Pictures: Claudiu Lampersberger
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